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At Shea Law, I believe most cases are best handled by “hitting the ground running.”

That’s why I push all my clients, at the outset, to give me what I need by way of information and documentation to help ensure I understand their priorities and desires, whether that’s for custody, property, division and debt, spousal maintenance, child support, compensation and beyond. I believe this approach helps lead to excellent results both in court and negotiations.   

In over 30 years of practicing law, I’ve secured results through litigation and/or settlements in excess of $10 million for clients in a variety of areas that include personal injury area (as well as through a class action). These days, and for the last 10 years, most of our work has involved divorce and custody disputes.

My experience in high asset cases tailor my involvement to the desires of the client to ensure we use the client's money constructively and effectively.

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Edward Shea Jr. | Family Legal Services Lawyer

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Edward F.
Shea Jr.

Boston native, Ed Shea Jr. and his wife, Tami, both grew up and have lived in the Tri-Cities for over 40 years and have two daughters, both of who are practicing law. After graduating from Gonzaga School of Law, he joined his father’s practice in 1993 and recently decided to begin his own practice.

After 30 years in law, Ed’s primary focus is in family law, with an emphasis on high-asset divorce cases. Ed also continues to practice in the area of civil litigation assisting those with catastrophic injuries due to medical negligence and personal injury. In the area of medical negligence, Ed has achieved excellent results for his clients, including significant damage settlements and verdicts. Ed is sure to provide his clients with the best solution.

Ed is a former board member of the Boys and Girls Club and was elected to the Washington State Board of Governors in 2006. He’s an active UW alum/Tyee member and instilled the Husky spirit into his daughters, who both attended the University of Washington as well. Ed spends significant time with Tami, family, and friends at his second home in Bend, Oregon where he enjoys fly-fishing, snowboarding, and biking the trails in Sunriver.