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Family Law

My family law practice is experienced in handling cases involving complex assets worth over $50 million, to cases involving no assets at all.

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A Professional, Honest & Experienced Family Law Lawyer in Kennewick

When you are getting a divorce or dealing with other family law issues, I can help. My family law practice is committed to my clients and boasts over 30 years of legal experience, handling cases involving complex assets worth over $50 million, to cases involving no assets at all.



Shea Law Can Help You Through Divorce

What do you want the outcome of your divorce to be? Even highly complex divorces with significant assets can be managed amicably. Even when cooperation appears impossible, I can assist my clients in finding methods to collaborate for the sake of the children. I have witnessed how the appropriate strategy can produce outcomes that my clients could not have envisioned.

My Divorce Process

I believe in “hitting the ground running” with my cases, which is why I push all my clients, at the outset, to give me what I need by way of information and documentation to help ensure I understand the client's needs.

I can handle everything from simple, uncontested divorces to highly contested issues involving high net worth and complex assets. Whether it's child custody, child support, parenting plans or legal guardianship, Shea Law PLLC is here for you.

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Child Custody

I am an experienced attorney at law with a proven track record. I will help you create a custody agreement that is fair and just to everyone involved.


Grandparent Visitation, Stepparent Visitation, and Extended Family Member Visitation. I am experienced in handling agency, stepparent, and private adoptions. I can handle all types of adoptions and termination of parental rights cases.

Parenting Plans

I am very experienced in child custody agreements and parenting plans. At times it can be difficult to decide on the best agreement for you and your children, so I'll  help make this process easier for you.

Mediation & Arbitration

These alternative dispute resolution tools give divorcing couples the opportunity to end things outside of the courtroom through simpler and less procedurally stringent negotiations.

Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements

Many people want to protect their assets before entering a legally recognized relationship. As an experienced attorney, I can help you draft a prenuptial agreement or a cohabitation agreement.


Custody cases are difficult, emotional and taxing on the client.

From my perspective as the attorney, they demand attention “out-of-the-gate" because the Court’s initial decisions relative to child placement and visitation can be difficult to modify down the road. Accordingly, it’s important to put our best foot forward by providing the Court at the outset with, among other things, the following: (1) a clear understanding of the historical roles of each parent as it pertains to the children involved; (2) the parents’ respective work schedules; (3) the perspectives of third parties who know the parent s and know the children; and (4) why our client’s proposal is ultimately in the children’s best interests.

Family Law Questions?

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