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Divorce Mistakes: Things Not To Do During Divorce

April 2024


Ed Shea


Divorce Court Gavel | Divorce Mistakes

Navigating a divorce can be both emotionally and financially challenging. It's crucial to approach it cautiously and avoid making common mistakes that can have long-lasting consequences. Here’s what to avoid during your divorce to safeguard your interests and pave the way for a brighter future.

1. Hiring an Inexperienced Divorce Attorney
Choosing an inexperienced divorce attorney can be a costly mistake. Remember, they will represent you throughout the process, so carefully assess their proficiency in handling divorce cases. Your attorney should possess a thorough understanding of family law and be able to offer you clear, strategic advice to increase your chances of a successful resolution.

2. Letting Emotions Drive Decision-Making
During a divorce, emotions can cloud judgment and lead to rash decisions, such as accepting an unfavorable settlement or agreeing to impulsive custody arrangements without considering long-term impacts. Instead, focus on maintaining a clear and rational mindset throughout the process. Seeking the expertise of a divorce lawyer can provide invaluable support during this challenging time.

3. Failing To Communicate and Cooperate
Failing to communicate effectively with your spouse or refusing to cooperate can prolong the process and increase hostility. Opting for mediation or collaborative divorce allows for open dialogue and mutual decision-making, helping resolve disputes amicably. This approach can save both parties time, money, and emotional stress.

4. Using Your Kids as Bargaining Chips
Prioritize the well-being of the children involved and don’t use them as pawns or tools in the divorce process. Avoid restricting parent-child connections, denying child support, making unfounded accusations, or involving children in negotiations, as these actions can require legal guidance and escalate disputes. Focus on co-parenting effectively and creating a supportive environment to help your kids cope with the changes.

5. Concealing Assets and Liabilities
Attempting to hide possessions or debts during a divorce can have severe implications and damage your credibility, so being open and truthful about your finances is crucial. Consider working with a financial expert or divorce lawyer to ensure full disclosure and proper accounting of your assets and liabilities. Adhering to legal procedures and providing accurate information is essential for achieving a fair and equitable division.

6. Initiating New Relationships
Dating before your divorce is finalized can affect custody decisions, alimony, and the division of assets, especially if your new relationship is perceived negatively. It’s advisable to wait until the legal process is complete before pursuing new romantic interests. This simplifies your divorce and provides a clearer space to heal and prepare for a new chapter in your life.

Secure Your Future With Expert Guidance
To avoid these divorce mistakes, consider hiring an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process. They know how to navigate complex laws, protect your rights, help you understand your options, negotiate favorable settlements, and advocate for your best interests in court. Contact Shea Law today for specialized legal support and take the first step towards a successful resolution.